Cambrensis Choir

The choir was formed in 1982 as the South Wales Baptist choir. It was to be a Christian choir which would be equally at home performing major classical works and contemporary Christian songs. It has fulfilled this aim and much more. There are forty or so members from churches in South Wales who are busy throughout the year giving evenings of song and testimony, providing music for special occasions in local churches and large gatherings, recording for the media or for Cambrensis albums. The choir have toured twice to the USA and to France, Hungary, Russia, Romania, Poland, and Guernsey.

For more info about the origins of Cambrensis, click here.

Cambrensis Junior Singers (the Cambrats!) and The Promise of Christmas Youth Choir


The choir was originally formed from the children of choir members who toured the USA in 1993. The group grew and now comprises about 25 children from churches in the South Wales area. The focus is on a lively and enthusiastic presentation of popular Christian songs enjoyed by the children and their audiences. Rehearsals are relaxed and include games, “Cambrats got Talent” afternoons and the playing of “Belleplates.” Each autumn, the group grows to up to 100, as “The Promise of Christmas Youth Choir” and they take St David’s Hall by storm as they are star attraction in the annual Christmas event.

The Cambrats and the Promise of Christmas Youth Choir have been led by Anne Brown since the start. She has now handed over the Baton to Emily Witts, who was in both choirs herself and will be taking the children on the next step of their journey.

St David’s Praise Choir

This is the ‘big choir’ who join Cambrensis and the Cambrats for events in St David’s Hall. Drawn from churches across South Wales, the choir rehearses in Bridgend and Cardiff in the weeks before the event. It is made up of people who enjoy praising the Lord, but who do not have the time to commit to the regular programme of Cambrensis.

Contact us if you’d like to join for this year’s Promise of Christmas or for other events during the year.